BiZAR (4+)

Saturday 21 Apr. 2018

BiZAR (4+)

De Kolonie MT / coproduction theatre des 4 mains - Belgium

Language No Problem

16:00 - 17:00

De Krakeling

Look inside the home of a happily insane grandmother. Her happy existence is shaken up by a handyman who performs all sorts of chores for her. He opens closets, tinkers with power outlets and keeps encountering stuff that surprises him. Sometimes she is amused, sometimes embarrassed, sometimes annoyed and sometimes disturbed by all he does. Grandmother and the handyman do not speak the same language, therefore they invent a bizarre language that cannot be made sense of, yet everyone understands.

BiZAR is a playful and musical performance, filled with auditory and visual surprises for toddlers. An absurd and wordless choreography in which recognition and surrealism dance a charming waltz together.

The music score and the curious sound collection are created by Bo Spaenc (De Kolonie MT) and the direction is done by Marie-Odile Dupuis (Théâtre des 4 Mains). The design and décor, an inventive living room with both recognizable and rather unusual objects, spring from the wonderful brain of Pat Van Hemelrijck (Alibicollectief, Radeis).


Actors: Kristin Arras/Peggy De Landtsheer and Marc Weiss/Jérôme Poncin
Design: Pat Van Hemelrijck
Costumes and design: Marie Kersten
Director: Marie-Odile Dupuis
Composition and musical coach: Bo Spaenc
Technics: Dries Bellinkx/Loïc Scuttenaire/Gaspar Schelck


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