De Balts

Sunday 22 Apr. 2018

De Balts

Kameroperahuis / Mirthe Dokter / Tim Hammer - The Netherlands

Dutch spoken

19:00 - 20:00

Theater Bellevue

De Balts is like a waltz for animals. Animals can go to extreme lengths when it comes to a courtship display. Tim Hammer and Mirthe Dokter joined forces with behavioural and evolutionary biologists from the University of Groningen to learn about this particular form of animal behaviour. Tim and Mirthe are trying to relate to this behaviour by dancing, painting, making music and mask-play. Two humans unleashing their creativity to create their own courtship display.

In this presentation-like theatre performance, the makers will show their interpretation of these bursts of creativity from the animal kingdom. Every species has a different strategy for seducing and conquering a mate. Are humans as inspired as other animals when it comes to courtship display? Are we being controlled by hormones, or can we act by our own determination? 

De Balts is a science and theatre cross-over performance that started its journey on the Noorderzon Performing Arts Festival and later toured through the Netherlands as part of the traveling festival “het Wilde Oosten”. Poparts 2018 will host its theatre premiere.

De Balts is not just any waltz, it is about failing and trying again, never giving up and dancing like your life depended on it. Because, it does.

Concept & performance: Mirthe Dokter en Tim Hammer
Director: Karin Netten


€15,00 / €13,50 / €11,00

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