Hermit (2+)

Wednesday 18 Apr. 2018

Hermit (2+)

Simone de Jong - The Netherlands

Language No Problem

16:00 - 16:30

De Krakeling

There is a square. Is it a house? There is sound. What happens inside? A lid opens. Is there something inside? What is inside? Who is inside? Hermit is a visual, original performance about a mini house. The inhabitant is not at home, but we do hear him…A funny and moving performance about being alone and coming home.

‘…a lovely theatrical treasure for all ages *****’ Theaterkrant, October 2016

Coming from music theater and modern mime, the performances of Simone de Jong are about sound and imagination and are always addressing the senses, in a secretive way. In July 2016 her children’s book ‘Het geheim van meneer Hartjes` was published. After ‘Eiland’, this is her second performance for children. She previously worked at Orkater and Het Hoofd as actor, director and writer.


Director: Simone de Jong
Actor: Toon Kuijpers
Decor: Erik Begemann
Composition: Max Gramser
Technics: Jacques van Room


€8,00 / €9,00 / €10,00

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