How light is a cloud? (4+)

Sunday 22 Apr. 2018

How light is a cloud? (4+)

Het Houten Huis / Feikes Huis - The Netherlands

Dutch spoken

14:30 - 15:15

De Krakeling

About the desire to float weightlessly in the sky.

The three people on stage feel like a dadger on the inside. One of them makes pottery, the other plays music, and the third is constantly moving. The three of them are trying to tell us a story; about being quiet on the inside, and how hard that is.

I am badger. I love solitary walks and quiet, peaceful places where I can oversee all things. I like to wear a hat, as it keeps my thoughts together. But recently, a woodpecker has moved into my hat, and he made a hole in it. The woodpecker has invited all his friends, and now it’s a pandemonium in there. Sometimes it goes quiet, but instantly new thoughts will pop into my mind. Beautiful, endless and winding thoughts, as well as pressing questions, like: how light is a cloud?

A performance for all those who cannot hear the woods through the clamour. ‘How light is a cloud?’ is loosely inspired by the picture book ‘ Mr. Brown’s Fantastic Hat‘ by Ayano Imai.

Meike van den Akker, Gienke Deuten
Director: Gienke Deuten
Final director: Elien van den Hoek
Music & actor: Radek Fedyk
Actors: Maarten Smit, Meike van den Akker
Dramaturgy: Loes van der Pligt
Technical staff: Tjarko van Heese/Roy Vermeer
Puppets: Meike van den Akker
Design: Liesje Knobel
Costumes: Sanne Lips
Light design: Desiree van Gelderen
Production: Roy Vermeer
Publicity: Marjolein van der Meer, Mo Visser, Pien Roeland 
Education: Karlijn Benthem, Charlotte Agema, Anouk Rutten,
Interns: Jesse van Delft, Milan Schleijpen
Graphic design: Bregt Balk


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