Ultimate Cube

Tuesday 17 Apr. 2018

Ultimate Cube

Firma Draak / Feikes Huis / Young Gangsters - The Netherlands

Language No Problem - première - opening festival

21:00 - 22:00

Theater Bellevue (Grote Zaal)

Armed with the latest knowledge in the field of science, Firma DRAAK attempts to gauge the universe in a hunt for ultimate truth. Ultimate Cube is a visual tale full of wondrous discoveries, scientific fantasies and tilting perspectives.


Concept created and performed by:  Nick Bos, Mathieu Wijdeven
Lotte Bos & Annechien de Vocht
Dramaturgy: Pol Eggermont
Text and Sound design: Tommy Ventevogel
Lighting design: Hero Kaspers 
Set design: Reynoud van de Molen
Special thanks to:
Hotel Modern, Charlotte Lemstra


€ 17,50 / € 15,00 / € 11,00

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