Alles naar de Hemel

Wednesday 22 Apr. 2020

Alles naar de Hemel

Tg. Winterberg / Feikes Huis - Nederland

Dutch spoken | Bellevue Lunchtheater

12:30 - 13:30

Theater Bellevue (Paloni Zaal)

A tragi-comic rollercoaster about choosing an imperfect life, or death before it’s even got going. A surrealist liminal world on the edge of heaven; full of magical images, live music, stop-motion animation and the humorous puppets Tg. Winterberg is famous for.

Concept, design: Marlyn Coetsier
Performance: Marlyn Coetsier, Lennart Monaster
Text: Heleen Verburg
Direction: Silvia Andringa
Music: Nine Yards Audio

€17,50 / €15,50 / €12,00

You can see this performance on April 15 till 18 and 21 till 25.

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