Big Bears Cry Too (6+)

Saturday 20 Apr. 2019

Big Bears Cry Too (6+)

Miet Warlop / hetpaleis - Belgium

Language No Problem

19:00 - 19:40

Vlaams Cultuurhuis De Brakke Grond

Big Bears Cry Too is a performance about the vulnerability of man in the large, elusive universe. A series of objects literally flies onto the scene and tries to say something about the individual in the world, like a large plastic heart that can only be contained by letting out a little bit of air. Or a giant pill that should make you happier, but puts you in a state where you no longer recognize yourself. Or a bear that falls victim to its own excessive cuteness. We land in a universe of coloured rain and infinite drawings. 

Springville, Dragging the Bone, Mystery Magnet, Fruits of Labor. Visual artist and theatre maker Miet Warlop has created quite a number of succesful productions. Big Bears Cry Too is her first production made for an audience from 6 years old and up. 

Concept & direction: Miet Warlop
Performer: Wietse Tanghe / Christian Bakalov
Music: Pieter De Meester, Joppe Tanghe, Wietse Tanghe, Miet Warlop
Technical management: Hugh Roche Kelly / Frouke Van Gheluwe
Production management: Seppe Cosyns
Lighting design: Henri Emmanuel Doublier
Assistance: Lila John, Barbara Vackier, Ian Gyselinck, Geert Viaene (Amotec), Karolien Nuyttens, Mathias Huybrighs
Outside eye: Danai Anesiadou
Production assistance: Tanja Vrancken
Production and technical realisation: Miet Warlop / Irene Wool vzw (Gent) en hetpaleis (Antwerpen)
Management and coördination: Wim Viaene, Elke Vanlerberghe
Co-production: Vooruit Gent (BE), Gessnerallee Zürich (CH), TJP Centre Dramatique National Strasbourg (FR), AUAWIRLEBEN Theaterfestival Bern (CH), Luzerner Theater (CH)
With the generous support of: Vlaamse Overheid, Stad Gent, Kunstencentrum BUDA (Kortrijk)
Special thanks to: Jonas De Meester, Koen Demeyere, Marie Jeanne Symons, Bram Coeman, Koen Jansen, Maarten Van Cauwenberghe, Emma Van Roey, Michiel Goedertier (La Roy NV), Sparks FX

€15 / €13 / €8

You can see this performance on the 20th and 21st of april. 

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