Bonte Nacht (4+)

Wednesday 19 Apr. 2017

Bonte Nacht (4+)

Tuning People & DE MAAN - BE

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16:00 - 16:55

De Krakeling

Bonte Nacht (Colourful Night) is a moving painting. Three people use buckets of paint and handcrafted painting tools to lather their surroundings and themselves in colour. They land themselves in a brilliant dream, where they transform into dazzling characters with multicoloured faces, and creatures with several legs. Slipping and sliding, they make their way from one picturesque scene to another.

I wondered: what is that?
But it was what is was
Then, it could still be anything

Bonte Nacht gives a free pass to wild creativity, and makes children’s dreams come true. Stains are an elevated art form, and making a mess is a noble cause. This is a mess-making party for everyone ages four and up.


Direction and choreography: Jef Van gestel & Karolien Verlinden
Performed by: Katrien Valckenaers, Maxim Storms & Greet Jacobs
Sound design: Wannes Deneer
Props and masks: 
Paul Contryn
Costume design: Maartje van Bourgognie
Lighting design: Stéphane Vloebergh
Production: Tuning People & DE MAAN


17 years and younger €12,00 – guardians €13,00 – 18 and older €15,00 (free drink included)

After the play you get to be creative with paint yourself.

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