Coco Chanel

Sunday 23 Apr. 2017

Coco Chanel

Ulrike Quade Company / Jo Strømgren Kompani - NL / NO

English spoken, French surtitled

20:30 - 21:45

Theater Bellevue (Grote Zaal)

Coco Chanel was an icon of gracefulness. With her bold designs, she liberated women from the corset. Her eventful life tells the story of a woman who climbed the ranks from lowly orphan to the French upper class. Her name is a symbol of equality and freedom for modern women today. Chanel may be famous for her scandalous affairs, but she is also known as a savvy and successful businesswoman. Even today, Chanel is still one of the most famous brands in the fashion industry. 

Ulrike Quade and Jo Strømgren are fascinated by the complex history of Coco Chanel. A master of illusion, Chanel consistently chose to mythologise herself. She controlled the way the world looked at her, while her fashion style was immortalised as a symbol for emancipation. The performance Coco Chanel explores the influence that fashion has on our society – how a costume becomes a body, and how a body becomes a puppet. 


Performed by: Ester Natzijl, Ilija Surla, Indra Cauwels 
Concept designer and director: Ulrike Quade, Jo Strømgren 
Music and sound by: Strijbos & Van Rijswijk 
Set design: Jo Strømgren 
Lighting design: Floriaan Ganzevoort 
Puppets designed and created by: Ulrike Quade 
Assistant puppet maker: Maria Landgraf 
Assistant director: Anne van Dorp 
Dramaturgical advice: Thomas Lamers 
Puppet making intern: Hannah Baudouin


€ 17,50 / € 15,- / € 11,- 

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