De Grieken (9+)

Friday 13 Feb. 2015

De Grieken (9+)

Maas theater en dans - NL

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19:30 - 20:30

De Krakeling

Three Greek myths through dance and puppetry

King is the story of a self-indulgent Greek hero who is punished by the gods with insatiable hunger. He devours everything around
him, even his own daughter. Nikè is the goddess of victory. This winged beauty descends into the human realm to award men with glory and fame. Cyclops is a dull-witted giant who is cunningly and ruthlessly duped by Odysseus.

Concept/choreography: Duda Paiva – Dance: Ilija Surla, Ana Teixidó, Tim Velraeds (Andreas La Monica, Ederson Rodrigues Xavier) – Music: Wilco Alkema | AudioSmid (Cycloop) – Puppets: Jim Barnard, Duda Paiva (Duda Paiva Atelier) – Photos: Phile Deprez

€ 11,50 until 17 years – € 12,50 attendant – € 14,50 18+ (consumption included)

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