Down Tiger Down (5+)

Sunday 22 Apr. 2018

Down Tiger Down (5+)

Audrey Dero & Oriane Varak - Belgium

Language No Problem

15:30 - 16:05

De Krakeling

It’s Audrey’s birthday! She invites you to her birthday party, to bake and share some carrot cake together. Her biggest fear, Tiger, is coming too. Tiger steals every part of who she wants to be: Audrey. What happens when you embrace your own fears? A visual spectacle, surrealistic and ludic about how to befriend your fears. About how every dangerous tiger eventually is nothing more than a sweet kitty.

Audrey makes bright object theatre. We know her from the adventure in the library, Verloren, which she made together with Christine Verheyden at Kopergietery, and the wonderful Hip Hip Hip Cabine. In her newest creation, Down Tiger Down, the audience is literally invited to the dinner table and can enjoy a short spectacle, filled with visual surprises. A pleasure for all ages!


Creation and acting: Audrey Dero en Oriane Varak
Artistic support: Johan De Smet en France Everard
Scenographic-assistent/objects: France Everard, Aude van Schaftingen
Costumes: Leentje Kerremans
Light design: Denis Gysen
Sound design: Guillaume Le Boisselier
Execution table, electronic accessoires:, J.M. Delannoy, Etienne Landon


€ 6,50 / € 7,50 / € 8,50

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