EXPLORER / Prometheus unbound

Saturday 16 Apr. 2016

EXPLORER / Prometheus unbound

Urland - NL

English spoken

21:00 - 22:20

Theater Bellevue (Grote Zaal)

‘The classical old westworld model for the cyberpunk is Prometheus, a technological genius who “stole” fire from the Gods and gave it to humanity’ – Timothy Leary
EXPLORER/Prometheus unbound is the centrepiece of The Internet Trilogy, a series on the rise, expansion and limitless promise of the internet. With CREW’s tools and knowledge of ‘immersive technology’ the internauts dive into cyberspace and create a new reality. How are we dealing with this new freedom?

Concept, performance: Ludwig Bindervoet, Mathieu Wijdeven, Thomas Dudkiewicz, Marijn Alexander de Jong, Jimi Zoet, Eric Joris | Dramaturgy: Florian Hellwig | Technology: Koen Goossens (CREW) | Photo: Jochem Jurgens

EXPLORER is the opening of Pop Arts Festival in Theater Bellevue, by ArtEZ-students Music Theatre under the direction of by Peer van den Berg.

Introduction at 20.15 – Free entrance
Dramaturg Florian Hellwig of the metamodernist collective Urland will tell about the process, the constructive engagement and the idiom of Urland, their interest in new technology, digital media, techno culture and great epic stories. (English spoken)

€ 17,50 regulier | € 15,00 reductie | € 11,00 member/student

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