Falling Dreams (10+)

Friday 15 Apr. 2016

Falling Dreams (10+)

Het Filiaal theatermakers - NL

Dutch spoken

19:30 - 20:20

De Krakeling

A live video clip with venturous pop songs and strange objects.
Do you know the feeling that you are falling, just before you are really asleep? Falling Dreams is about that moment. With live music, video and instant montage this moment is enlarged to a tremendous adventure. Anything can happen, just like in a real dream. Camera’s and projection screens show more places at once and make miniature worlds larger than you can imagine…

Director, text: Monique Corvers | Cast: Ramses Graus, Mirthe Klieverik, Peter Sambros, Gábor Tarján | Composition: Gábor Tarján | Foto: Gerda van Hunnik van Engelenhoven

Falling Dreams is the opening of Pop Arts Festival in De Krakeling, by ArtEZ-students Music Theatre under the direction of by Peer van den Berg.

€ 16,- regular | € 13,- until 17 years (consumption included)

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