Forgotten Creatures and Lost Causes 6+

Friday 17 Apr. 2020

Forgotten Creatures and Lost Causes 6+

Duda Paiva Company - Netherlands/Brasil

Dutch Spoken

19:30 - 20:30

Theater De Krakeling

Welcome to the shop of Mr Ut, where rare plants and animals come to life. Meet the last Dodo and the magical Tasmanian tiger, the curious rhino and the carnivorous plant, who seems a bit too eager. Mr Ut loves everything in his store. That’s why he prefers not to sell anything. Because where do things go when they are gone? And what would remain of Mr. Ut if he no longer has his store? 

In Forgotten Creatures and Lost Causes, Duda Paiva Company shows the connection between man and nature in a light-footed manner. What role do we play in the world and what choices can we make? The magical world of Duda Paiva Company is the ultimate place to bring those animals and other forgotten things back to life.

Direction: Duda Paiva  
Idea: Tim Velraeds 
Performance: Tim Velraeds en Cat Smits of Alexander Brouwer en Nora Tinholt 
Dramaturgy: Kim Kooiman  
Puppets: André Mello en Duda Paiva 
Soundscape: Wilco Alkema 
Light design: Mark Verhoef  
Stage design: Daniel Patijn  
Costumes: Atty Kingma

€16,50 / €14,50 / €13,50

You can see this performance on April 17. 


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