Sunday 26 Apr. 2020


Lobke Leirens / Maxim Storms - Belgium

Language No Problem

20:30 - 21:30

Theater Bellevue (Grote Zaal)

Through symphonic screams and disproportionate folk dance, like puppets sagging on their strings, Leirens&Storms conjure up the ritual of downfall. The duo work themselves into a pair of totally flipped-out characters, play their final hand and wait for the end. Absurd, comic and dark.

Concept, performance: Lobke Leirens & Maxim Storms
Coach: Jan Steen
Lightning design: Giel Lavens
Coproduction: Vooruit, Arenbergschouwburg
With special thanks to: KAAP, De Grote Post, Rachid Laachir, Herman Leirens, Mia Sergant, Freddy Storms, Katrien Defour, Dries Minoodt, Sara Rottiers

€17,50 / €15,00 / €12,00


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