Paper Doll 3+

Wednesday 15 Apr. 2020

Paper Doll 3+

De Grote Haay / 2-ater Producties - Netherlands

Language No Problem | Premiere

15:00 - 15:45

Theater De Krakeling

Everything has a beginningandan end. 
But thesame end is thebeginning of something new. 

From a lifeless piece of paper a new imaginative life wrinkles: a seedgrowsinto a flower, a caterpillaremergesinto a butterfly andthe paper dollcomesto life. 

In different styles of music, thethree manipulators take young viewers totheorigin of life, love, humor andsorrow. 
Concept,  direction: Mark Haayema 
Actors:Aniek Stokkers, Christiaan Koetsier en Dennis de Groot 
Music: Jan Paul de Bondt 
Set design: Marlies Schot 

€15,50 / €13,50 / €12,50

You can see this performance on April 15.

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