SHH! 2+

Sunday 19 Apr. 2020

SHH! 2+

ROSE stories / Studio Figur - Netherlands

Language No Problem

15:00 - 15:45

Theater De Krakeling

Quietly two hunters are creeping through the forest.. But then… Hi! Their child waves excitedly at a beautiful red bird. Shh! Quiet! The hunters want to catch the bird. But the child has a different plan. 

Shh! is a musical play in which kids and parents will be adopted into a scenery of nature. The performers will take you along for the ride through physical theatre, puppetry and peekaboo-effects. Your fantasy will be stimulated. 

A play in which children and animals will regularly outsmart the parents. It encompasses a surprising view on the world. 

Concept: Pluck Venema en NoufriBachdim
Actors:Wensley Piqué & Pluck Venema 

€10,50 / €9,50 / €8,50

You can see this performance on April 19.

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