The Dreamless

Saturday 18 Apr. 2020

The Dreamless

Ulrike Quade Company & Strijbos & van Rijswijk - Netherlands

Dutch gesproken | English surtiteled

20:30 - 21:35

De Brakke Grond (Rode zaal)

A world in which we no longer sleep. A tech giant offers us anti-sleep technology and determines our destiny. Without ever getting tired, we can always stay awake.

Time is won and dreaming is a thing of the past. Dreams infect our brains with erratic thoughts. In this waking world people are patient and full of community.

Yet there is a man in society’s society who has no control over this anti-sleep technology. He is the only one who still sleeps and dreams. This shaman of the new age appears irresistible to artists, writers and musicians, because he can tell people what they would dream if they slept. He becomes a visionary for the interwoven society, and with it: a threat to the system.

The prototype of the new person is given shape in this visual performance. The audience goes on an auditory trip in which the boundary between people and technology, between what you hear, see and think becomes increasingly unclear and ominous.

A dystopia that may be shockingly close.

Director: Ulrike Quade
Musical concept & composition:  Strijbos & Van Rijswijk
Performers: Markoesa Hamer, Christiaan Koetsier en Syoma Ekhart
Text: Arthur Eaton en Thomas Lamers
Dramaturgy: Thomas Lamers
Scenography and lighting design: Floriaan Ganzevoort
Costume design: Marlou Breuls
Puppet design & dreation: Pluck Venema
Puppet heads & make-up: Sanne Visscher
Props: Paulina Prokop
Assistant director: Suze van Miltenburg
Audio technician: Felix Ruiter
An idea of: Christoph Werner (Bühnen Halle)
Many thanks to: Rick Paul van Mulligen, Local makers (3D prints)
The Dreamless is supported by:  The Performing Arts Fund NL, the Amsterdam Fund for the Art (AFK), the county of Noord Brabant, the municipality of Tilburg, BNG Cultuurfonds and Fonds 21

€17,00 kassa / €15,00 online

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