Vers Bloed: triple bill

Friday 22 Apr. 2016

Vers Bloed: triple bill

Jonge makers i.s.m. Pop Arts en Feikes Huis - NL

Dutch | Premiere

20:00 - 22:00

Ostade A’dam

A fresh look at visual theatre.
The Pop Arts Festival presents young artists, newcomers in the genre, who made short acts, performances and animated films, commissioned by the festival. Lips & Knobel, Mirthe Dokter and Firma Draak have done research on different visual forms with objects and animated film. Experienced theatremakers as Rieks Swarte and Sanne Zweije accompanied them. During Vers Bloed (Fresh Blood) the artists show all results and discuss it with Marijn Lems.

Kijk, ik zoek! (6+)
Mirthe Dokter

What do you see when you suddenly have to move to another country? You look around: flat meadows, dogs at leashes, wet streets, tall people and bread with chocolate. And in all houses people are asleep already. In Kijk, ik zoek! paint and brush tell the story about an unknown world. A huge live painted picture book on paper with a lot of music from the eyes of a stranger.

Concept, play: Mirthe Dokter
Coaching, directing: Sanne Zweije

Firma Draak

In sciencefiction, a ‘portal’ is a simple explanation for a black hole that leads to other universes. Here, the ‘portal’ is a simple, enormous cube. Two performers (Nick Bos and Mathieu Wijdeven) discover together with the audience the possibilities and meaning of this cube. What starts as a funny game between two men, ends in an agressive competition about different perspectives.

Coach: Rieks Swarte
Director: Lotte Bos


Together with Roma Koolen, Sanne Lips and Liesje Knobel make a three-part videopainting, an animationfilm in stopmotion, about their search for what the human being is. Not the outside of the human being, not his behaviour and function, but what goes on deep inside. Dreams, fears. An inner journey to inability, loss and impermanence. Source of inspiration fot his work is the poem Een meisje (A girl) by Toon Tellegen. The audience watches how the performers produe the movie. They also show an impression of the final result.

Duration Vers Bloed: 120 min.
Supervision, production: Feikes Huis

Thanks to: Amsterdam Fund for the arts (AFK)

€ 15,- regular | € 13,- reduction


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