Audience of One

Friday 13 Feb. 2015

Audience of One

Nicola Unger - NL

English spoken

19:00 - 19:50

Theater Bellevue (Grote Zaal)

Being a part of a group, whether you like it or not

Audience of One works with the audience presence and with projected animations. Playful situations are created that challenge our capacity to relate to groups and to consider ourselves still individuals. What happens to our ‘common sense’ and our relations to a community? During the performance the audience gets entangled into various theatrical moments that question this duality; Do i fit in or do i resist the group?

Nicola Unger: visual art meets performing art. She creates selfmade, small scal and inmaginative work using video and animation as actors in a play.

Idea, voice, video, animation: Nicola Unger – Sound: Jonathan Brown – Advice: Judth Schoneveld, Cecilia Vallejos, Paul Perry – Photos: K. Arink and R. Kolleman

€ 12,50 regular – € 11,50 65+ – € 11,00 CJP / City pass – € 10,00 student

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