Pop Arts Festival 2020
100% vision

The eleventh edition: 11 days, 16 shows – from visual magnificence to quiet ritual.
On humans and what they unleash in the world.
On the horrors of greed.
On our forgotten colonial history.
On being human in a totally technological environment.

Many of the productions deal with how to live, or how to (continue to) exist. Our constant striving for control grapples with the great inabilities of humankind: we will never really know what our lives mean. We grope around for something to hold on to, create ever new frameworks to give structure to our lives, and fail spectacularly and with complete commitment, over and over, until tragedy becomes farce.

The productions within Pop Arts demonstrate the importance and the power of vision and imagination. On stage, we fight, lose and triumph in an alternative world made out of paper, wood, polystyrene and all kinds of stuff.

To reflect on how we live, such imaginative visions sometimes work better than simply presenting what is actually going on. 


Pol Eggermont (Feikes Huis), Frank Noorland (Theater Bellevue), Colette van Wees (Theater De Krakling) and Lisa Wiegel (De Brakke Grond)