Thursday 18 Apr. 2019


Servaes Nelissen / Feikes Huis - Netherlands

try-out | Dutch spoken

20:30 - 22:30

Theater Bellevue (Klein Bellevue)

In three short pieces, Servaes first lets the painter Willem Koevoet, his neighbour, come to life in a small visual miniature, based on conversations about inspiration, fear and loneliness. In the almost textless and associative middle section, Servaes dives into his own black soul with a fair share of humour. In the third part we see Renate Schoep at work. She is an animal interpreter and dog psychologist and gives seminars on depression in dogs. 

Concept, performance, text: Servaes Nelissen
Dramaturgy: Pol Eggermont
Direction: Marijn van der Jagt

€17,50 / €16,00 / €11,00

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