Bewegende Ruimte (8+)

Friday 19 Apr. 2019

Bewegende Ruimte (8+)

Veenfabriek & RUUT - Netherlands

Dutch spoken

20:45 - 21:30

Theater De Krakeling

A musical and interactive installation performance in which the audience witnesses the creation of a machine, entirely constructed from residual material, waste and discarded objects.

Theatre group: Veenfabriek & RUUT
Concept, construction, performance: Ruta van Hoof
Construction, design, technique: Henry van Hoof, Ruben Arents and others.
In collaboration with: Isil Vos, Paul Koek, Joeri Vos, Gerrit Timmers, Mirjam Koen en Feikes Huis

8,00 / €9,00 / 10,00

You can see this performance on the 18th of april 19:00 & 20:45 and the 19th 19:00 & 20:45 uur

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