De Jas (work-in-progress) 11+

Thursday 16 Apr. 2020

De Jas (work-in-progress) 11+

De Witte Pomp / NordLand Visual Theatre - Netherlands/Norway

Work in progress

19:30 - 20:15

Theater De Krakeling

Eleven-year-old girl Manasse is growing up in the Warsaw ghetto in 1941. She brings solace to Jewish orphans with her puppets. On the inextinguishable strength of the will to live. Featuring one puppeteer, two musicians and two hundred coats.

Direction: Eva Bauknecht (Netherlands) 
Music: Dirk Peter Kölsch (Germany) en Radek Fedyk (Poland) 
Puppets and acting: Meike van den Akker (Netherlands) 
Text: Simon van der Geest (Netherlands) 
Design: Sanne Oostervink, Sandra Kaas


You can see this performance on April 16.

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