Japanse Meisjes (Japanese Girls)

Saturday 20 Apr. 2019

Japanse Meisjes (Japanese Girls)

Firma DRAAK / Feikes Huis - Netherlands

English spoken - première

21:30 - 22:30

Theater Bellevue

What do you think of the Japanese girls’ stereotype?
Why do Japanese girls talk with such a high voice?
Do you suffer under the stereotype?

Two Dutch boys want to dance and sing like the carefree girls from Japanese music videos, be strong like the heroines of anime movies and possess the focus of a Japanese zen master. With colourful projections, home-made  soundscapes and life-size cardboard origami they create their own magical theatrical world. A brand new epic theatre production that crosses continents, clashes cultures and features live anime! 

concept, performance, design Mathieu Wijdeven, Nick Bos

€ 17,50 / €15,00 / € 11,00


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