Quades Pop Shop

Friday 13 Feb. 2015

Quades Pop Shop

Ulrike Quade Company - NL

English spoken

20:00 - 21:00

Theater Bellevue (Klein Bellevue)

Presentations of young talent and freaky puppets

In Quade’s Pop Shop you can see presentations of young talent, freaky puppets, warm-blooded songs and Japanese Bunraku.

Esther Natzijl shows Watching. A solo-duet with a life-size foam-pop. It is inspired by the book Stil de Tijd from Joke J. Hermsen in which time as life is described in contrast to the modern clock time. Ester examines in Whatching how they can reconcile a storyline and abstraction in dance and puppetry.

A group of young people of the Factory-Likeminds project is, under the supervision of Ulrike Quade and a Japanese master poppenspeler in the Bunraku, working on the performance Osaka. In Quades Pop Shop will they present what they are doing.

At the end of the presentations, the evening continues with a drink and Dolly Dots Disco!

Dance and drink with the dolls; enjoy the Puppet Explosion!

Photo: Matt Jackson

€ 5,-

Koop Ticket