Shubunkin, the fish in the moon (6+)

Tuesday 17 Apr. 2018

Shubunkin, the fish in the moon (6+)

Wiersma & Smeets / Gubcompany - Netherlands / Switzerland

Language No Problem

16:00 - 17:00

De Krakeling

Where is Shubunkin? In a fullmoon night the very special, shiny, colourful, Japanese goldfish disappears from his pond. Was he eaten by Willi, the goldfish with the large teeth? Or has the moongirl Miraluna something to do with it? An adventurous story of friendship, being different, and playing with the light.


Actors: Dagny Gioulami, Moniek Smeets, Bram Wiersma, Erich Hufschmid
Director: Heinz Gubler, Christine Rinderknecht
Objects: Moniek Smeets, Bram Wiersma
Music: Erich Hufschmid
Costumes: Marion Steiner
Dramaturgie: Gabi Mojzes
Assistentie: Sara Franchini
Productieleiding: Roland Amrein


€ 7,50 / € 9,00 / € 10,00 / €12,00

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